Board of Directors

Berkeley Path Wanderers Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to increasing public appreciation of Berkeley’s pathways. BPWA is managed by a group of local people who meet regularly to discuss the organization’s program of events, its budget and its work on mapping the paths, path construction and improvement.

The 2014 BPWA Board of Directors is composed of the following people. You are welcome to send an email to the board. (See below)


Lori Kohlstaedt President
Colleen Neff Vice President, Walks co-coordinator, Map Committee Chair
Chris Sterba Secretary, e-newsletter editor
Jim Hendry Treasurer
Elsa Tranter External Events
Jane Levy Internal Events
Betsy Mueller Membership Coordinator, Corresponding Secretary
John Kenny Path Building, Webmaster, BPWA Archives
Angus Dunstan Online Sales
Kay Englund Walks co-coordinator
Sandy Friedland Newsletter Editor, Map Sales Committee Chair
Non-Board Positions:
Jacque Ensign Map Committee Assistant Chair
Charlie Bowen Liason to Berkeley Partners for Parks and Friends of Five Creeks


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