map-sixth-edition-1 If you are walking in Berkeley, the Map is a must to have with you as you explore the many interesting neighborhoods that make the city and its path system unique.  It is an invaluable guide to the picturesque public stairways, ramps, and footpaths that crisscross the city. The new 6th edition of this map shows the bicycle boulevards as well as a complete index of Berkeley streets, making the map more useful to UC Berkeley students, new residents, and visitors. The map is printed on durable, waterproof paper, and shows all the 135 numbered, city-owned walkways. The pathways provide convenient shortcuts to schools, shopping, and public transportation as well as tranquil walking routes. Paths also are also considered to be key evacuation routes in emergencies. The map is printed on durable, water-resistant and stain-resistant paper, so it’s practical to stuff in your pocket as you set out to explore Berkeley’s paths. Over 22,000 of the BPWA maps have been sold. The newly issued 6th edition incorporates dozens of changes and amendments that facilitate your wanderings. Recently completed paths are shown. Order map(s) online or, if you prefer, you may order the map by sending us a check, by picking up a copy at a local business, or by finding us at the BPWA booth at Solano Stroll, BAHA House tour or at one of our meetings. Read more about this new map.

 map_Detail5 The details of the Pathways map are incredible. Unlike regular maps where roads predominate, the paths on this map jump out at you. Note that unimproved paths (like Halkin Walk above) are marked along with the improved ones.

Order the map for yourself — better yet order several and give them as gifts to friends and family. Maps of Berkeley’s wonderful path system will be a welcome favor at your next party or special affair.  Some path devotees have even ordered maps to give to out-of-town guests for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and anniversary parties. At the reasonable price of $7.95 (plus tax), one can see how it has become a best-seller for local walkers.