Path List

This list contains the street address of the start (bottom) and the end (top) of each of the paths. They are arranged in numerical order, by the Path Number that the City of Berkeley has assigned to each path. We encourage you to report any errors or problems with the list. We also have a page that displays portions of our map, so you can find paths in a particular part of the city.

Berkeley paths, with city path numbers:

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Path NumberPath NameLower Street AddressesUpper Street AddressesNotes
7Devon Lane (Lower)Somerset Pl. and Southampton Ave.763-765 San Diego Rd.Path goes through John Hinkel Park, but is difficult to follow.
8Devon Lane (Upper)763-765 San Diego Rd.163-168 Southampton Ave.Unbuilt
10Laurel Lane767-771 San Diego Rd.dead endUnbuilt
30Halkin Walk (Lower)695-701 Cragmont Ave.698-700 Euclid Ave.Unbuilt
42Miller Path West1011-1013 Miller Ave.998-1002 Grizzly Peak Blvd.Unbuilt
55Twain Way1137-1149 Cragmont Ave.1122-1124 Keeler Ave.Unbuilt
58Cragmont Path1177-1197 Cragmont Ave.1166-1170 Keeler Ave.Unbuilt
59Eleanor Pathdead end1160-1168 Keith Ave.Unbuilt
63Shasta Walk1187-1195 Keeler Ave.2885-2887 Shasta Rd.Unbuilt
66Hill Path1251-1269 Grizzly Peak Blvd.80-100 Hill Rd.Unbuilt
71Path 711099-1105 Sterling Ave.1096-1100 Miller Ave.Unbuilt
74Path 74Wildcat Canyon Rd.Hillview Rd. & Woodside Rd.Unbuilt
86Delmar Pathopposite 1421 Glendale Ave.31-35 Delmar Ave.Unbuilt
87Parnassus Path3079-3085 Buena Vista Way8-9 West Parnassus Ct.Unbuilt
88Columbia Path (Upper)1399-1407 Queens Rd.17-18 Columbia CircleUnbuilt
89Columbia Path (Lower)1365-1373 Campus Dr.1398-1400 Queens Rd.Unbuilt
91Grizzly Path185 Hill Rd. & 1371 Grizzly Peak Blvd.1328-1336 Summit Rd.Unbuilt
92Summit Path1419-1425 Grizzly Peak Blvd.1396-1400 Summit Rd.Unbuilt
93Avenida Path130-140 Avenida Dr.1448-1452 Grizzly Peak Blvd.Unbuilt
94Harding Pathwest of 1569 Campus Dr.1504-1510 Olympus Ave.Unbuilt
95Wilson Path1585-1589 Campus Dr.1572-1580 Olympus Ave.Unbuilt
99Rose Glen Alley2235-2241 Rose St.east of 2204 Glen Ave.Unbuilt
108Hilgard Path1647-1675 La Loma Ave.south of 1616 La Vereda Rd.Unbuilt
110Le Conte Pathtop of Le Conte Ave.dead end at Lawrence Berkeley LabUnbuilt
111Highland PathHighland Ave. & Ridge Rd.dead end at Lawrence Berkeley LabUnbuilt

Other paths, in Berkeley and nearby cities (without path numbers):

Path NameLowerStreet
(Adjacent Addresses)
Upper Street
(Adjacent Addresses)
Acton Crescent PathActon Circle Sacramento St. between Addison St. and Allston Way  
Eucalyptus Path (Oakland)Alvarado Place Alvarado Road  
Evergreen Path (Oakland) Alvarado Place (Oakland) bottom of Evergreen Lane  
Ohlone Greenway Path runs through Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, RichmondOhlone Park - Hearst & MLK Runs from Berkeley to Richmond
Santa Fe Right-of-way Junction with the Ohlone Greenway (near Cedar Rose Park) Bancroft near Bonar Follows old railway tracks
Short Cut (Oakland)Tunnel Road (Berkeley) Alvarado Road  
Unnamed Path (Berkeley)between Solano and Los Angeles Avenues a bit west of Marin Circle