BPWA in the News

Planning a Trip?

Not about us, but a nice article on a few of the celebrated paths in Los Angeles. This piece is from the Los Angeles Times. You may wish to try a few of these stairways the next time you are in the City of Angels.


Some Past News Items on BPWA

Although a bit dated now, this article in the San Francisco Chronicle from July 2004 gives a good reporter’s view of BPWA and the path-building activities that we have fostered. It includes some history of the Path Wanderers, as well as information about projects that were under way a few years ago.

Also, another older piece done by William Rodarmor for the Summer 2004 issue of the Berkeley Hills Realty Newsletter entitled “Paths of Least Resistance” is definitely worth reading.

Finally, there is a nice article on Berkeley: City’s Rocks and Strolls, from the San Francisco Chronicle that was done in November 2005.