Fall Harvest Walk

Led by Jen English, October 2007

This walk includes visits to gardens and views of fruit trees along the way. Note that the fruit trees highlighted in the walk are those that are fruiting in the fall. You can adjust this walk for other seasons by taking a look for other trees. Also note that the Edible Schoolyard is only accessible after school hours (evenings and weekends), so you may want to plan your walk accordingly to visit that location. The community gardens are open on Saturdays and Sundays at posted hours, but are also viewable from outside the gates.


Start at North Berkeley BART station, out side the turnstile gates.

-- LEFT across the lot and out to Short Street

-- LEFT on Lincoln St.

-- RIGHT on Acton

-- cross Cedar

-- RIGHT on Keoncrest

STRAIGHT onto Keoncrest PATH

LEFT on Sacramento

Cross street and turn LEFT at Rose to Crowden School

Turn around and continue straight on Rose

LEFT on Grant and into to Edible Schoolyard at MLK Middle School

back out Grant, and LEFT on Rose

RIGHT Carlotta

LEFT Hopkins

cross to other side of street at Monterey

LEFT   Albina Ave./Hopkins Ct.,

LEFT   Monterey

cross & turn LEFT on Posen

cross & turn RIGHT on Ventura

LEFT Manor Way PATH (bamboo lined)

cross Ordway & continue on Manor Way PATH

cross & LEFT Peralta

RIGHT Francis

RIGHT on Telvin into Terrace Park

LEFT Terrace

immed. LEFT Nielson

cross to RIGHT side of street   at Francis

cross Gilman

LEFT on to Ohlone Greenway PATH

RIGHT and in gate Peralta Community Garden

walk through alley on RIGHT to Northside Garden

back out gardens & (carefully) cross street

continue on Ohlone Greenway through Cedar Rose Park

Continue Ohlone Greenway (if not taking detour) to North Berkeley BART

Resources for further information :

Edible Schoolyard : http://www.edibleschoolyard.org/

Berkeley Community and School Gardens : http://www.ecologycenter.org/bcgc/

Peralta Park history : http://berkeleyheritage.com/eastbay_then-now/peralta_park1.html

Keeyla Meadows : http://www.keeylameadows.com/