Path-a-Thon Walk

Led by Jen English, 16 August 2008

This walk was considered in the "difficult" category by its leader. It includes many steps and covers quite a few paths and a lot of ground. Not for the faint of heart, but one can go slowly or do it in segments. Enjoy Jen's well-planned route.

  1. Start at Live Oak Park (Shattuck side)
  2. Take Berryman Path
  3. Cross Oxford
  4. Continue on Berryman Path
  5. LEFT on Spruce
  6. Next RIGHT on Summer
  7. LEFT on Glen
  8. Cross Eunice
  9. RIGHT on Oak Street Path (dirt, just before Oak street)
  10. Cross Laurel/High
  11. STRAIGHT & RIGHT; Continue on Oak Street Path
  12. LEFT on Euclid & cross to other side of street
  13. Cross Crystal Way
  14. RIGHT on Redwood Terrace Path
  15. LEFT on Keith
  16. Pass Upper El Mirador path
  17. LEFT on El Mirador Path (hard to see sign)
  18. RIGHT on Euclid
  19. RIGHT on Bret Harte Way Path
  20. Slight LEFT on on Keith
  21. Immediate RIGHT on Bret Harte Road
  22. LEFT on Cragmont
  23. RIGHT on Sterling Path
  24. LEFT on Keeler
  25. Immediate LEFT on Keeler Path (past Remillard Park)
  26. RIGHT on Poppy Path (up driveway and onto stairs)
  27. RIGHT on Miller Ave.
  28. LEFT on Latham Lane
  29. CAREFULLY CROSS Grizzly Peak
  30. Immediately onto Latham Walk Path
  31. RIGHT on Creston
  32. Merge onto Grizzly Peak
  33. Cross Stevenson
  34. Next LEFT on Muir Way
  35. Cross Park Hills/Overlook
  36. Straight onto Muir Path
  37. LEFT at grass; at end of grass turn RIGHT and back out to street
  38. LEFT on Woodside (stay on LEFT side of divided road)
  39. LEFT on Crescent
  40. RIGHT on Crescent Park Path (UNMARKED, narrow path through hedge)
  41. RIGHT on through park and out path to street
  42. RIGHT on Crescent
  43. Veer LEFT on Woodside (stay on LEFT side of divided road & watch for cars)
  44. LEFT on Hillview (carefully, blind turn)
  45. LEFT on Fred Herbert Path
  46. Turn around at Wildcat
  47. Take Fred Herbert Path
  48. Cross Hillview
  49. Continue on Fred Herbert Path
  50. Cross Woodside
  51. Continue on Fred Herbert Path
  52. Straight Park Gate past fountain
  53. LEFT on Hill (just past fire station)
  54. RIGHT on Scott Newhall Path (at end of road)
  55. Up driveway and Continue on Hill Street
  56. RIGHT on Atlas Path & down driveway
  57. LEFT on Grizzly Peak & cross street)
  58. RIGHT on Columbia Walk (narrow by fence)
  59. RIGHT on Fairlawn
  60. Pass Arcade Path on LEFT
  61. Immediate LEFT on Glendale Path
  62. Cross Fairlawn
  63. Continue on Glendale Path
  64. Cross Queens
  65. Continue Glendale Path
  66. Cross Campus
  67. Straight Glendale Ave. & onto RIGHT sidewalk
  68. Curve past Glendale-La Loma Park
  69. RIGHT on La Loma
  70. Cross El Portal Ct. and Quarry
  71. RIGHT on Rose Steps
  72. LEFT on Rose
  73. LEFT on Greenwood Terrace
  74. RIGHT on Buena Vista
  75. RIGHT on La Loma Steps
  76. Sharp RIGHT on Le Roy Ave. & cross street
  77. LEFT on Rose Walk
  78. LEFT on Euclid & cross at crosswalk
  79. Cross Hawthorne Terrace
  80. RIGHT on Vine Lane Path
  81. Straight Vine Street
  82. Cross Hawthorne Terrace, Scenic, Arch, Spruce, Oxford
  83. RIGHT on at Walnut (food available here).
  84. End at Live Oak Park