Recently Improved Paths Walk, starting and ending at Codornices Park


=>From Codornices Park walk up Tamalpais Path, and continue up Tamalpais Ave.

=>Turn left onto Shasta Rd

=>Notice bottom of (unimproved) Northgate  Path between 2754 & 2760 Shasta

=>Turn left onto Cragmont Ave.

=>Notice bottom of (unimproved) Cragmont Path north of 1197 Cragmont.   It follows along the line of manholes up the hill.

=>Just north of 1171 Cragmont, turn right onto (unsigned, partially improved) Upper Covert Path.   At the top of the path, turn right onto Keeler Ave.


=>Notice bottom of (unimproved) Whitaker Path between 1153 & 1155 Keeler.   It goes up the steep flowered slope.

=>Notice top of (unimproved) Cragmont Path between 1166 & 1170 Keeler.   The fence of 1166 Keeler blocks the path.  

=>Walk up (signed, partially improved) Lower Stevenson Path to Sterling Ave.

=>Cross the street and walk up Upper Stevenson Path then turn right onto Miller Ave.

=>Walk up Stoddard Path then turn right onto Grizzly Peak Blvd.


=>Turn left onto Shasta Rd, then turn right onto Hill Rd

=>At the end of the street, angle slightly to the right onto Scott Newhall Path.

=>Notice top of (unimproved) Hill Path between 80 & 100 Hill Rd.   The path is just to the north of 100 Hill Rd.

=>Continue straight on, then turn right onto Atlas Path.


=>Cross Grizzly Peak Blvd very carefully, turn left and walk south.

=>Between 1338 & 1342 Grizzly Peak, walk down (not yet signed, improved) Columbia Walk.

=>Continue straight ahead to (unsigned, semi-improved) Upper Columbia Path between 17 & 18 Columbia Circle.   At the lower end of the path, the resident has said it is OK for people to turn right and walk down her driveway to Queens Rd.

=>Continue north on Queens Rd.

=>Between 1290 & 1310 Queens, walk down (not yet signed, improved) Lower Glendale Path.


=>Continue down Glendale Ave, then turn right into Glendale-LaLoma Park.   Continue down through the park to the baseball diamond level, then go left down the wooden stairs which lead to the old Quarry Rd and out to LaLoma Ave.

=>Turn right onto LaLoma Ave, walk down a bit and turn right onto Rose Steps.

=>Continue down Rose St on the right-hand side of the street.   At the turn where the street becomes LeRoy Ave, turn right down Rose Walk.   At the bottom of   the steps, turn right onto Euclid Ave and return to Codornices Park.