Ridge to Bay Trail Walk II

This walk was led by Janet Byron and Charlie Bowen in November 2001.

This is a "one-way" walk that ends at the Rose Garden/Codornices Park. The 65 bus runs between the Rose Garden and Shasta/Grizzly Peak to complete your trip.

  1. Start at Shasta & Grizzly Peak (Shasta Gate).
  2. Walk north on Grizzly.
  3. Between 1160 and 1162 Grizzly Peak, turn left into Stoddard Path. Lower section of path has landscaping, but can be traversed.
  4. Turn right at bottom of path on Miller.
  5. Turn right on Stevenson Avenue (note David Brower's house #82)
  6. Turn Left between #65 and #67 onto Twin Path (no sign). Notice the view! Twin Path was improved by a series of Eagle Scout projects with the materials purchased by the Path Wanderers Mini-grant.
  7. At bottom of Twin Path, turn Left on Miller
  8. Right on Stevenson Path (no sign) between 1160 & 1168 Miller across from junction with Stevenson Ave.
  9. At bottom of path, cross Sterling, continue on lower Stevenson Path to Keeler (quite steep)
  10. Right on Keeler Left between 1138 & 1146 Keeler onto upper Covert Path (steep, no steps, no sign). The lower section of this path has a vacant lot to the north.
  11. Cross Cragmont to steps between 1166 & 1170, which are at the top of lower Covert Path (no sign).
  12. Angle towards the left after the sewer manhole cover in the middle of the block--it is a steep section.
  13. Cross over the rock-lined creeklet (Taber Creek?) and proceed down driveway to Keith.
  14. Continue on Keith and stop to enjoy the waterfall on the left.
  15. Turn right onto Shasta at the end of Keith. Turn right onto Tamalpais, and walk down to the switchback.
  16. Turn right onto Tamalpais Path, then down to Codornices Park and the Rose Garden. Check out the meandering hillside paths off to the left of Tamalpais Path in the upper area of Codornices Park. Scenic extra: part way down Tamalpais Path, there is an informal path to the right that leads to another waterfall on Codornices Creek.

To walk down to Walnut Square area: