San Francisco Hill Walk - Tom Graham - Dec 11, 2010

Tom Graham, the most recent person to walk every street in San Francisco, led the Berkeley Path Wanderers Association on a tour of 7 of the City's midtown hills:  Corona Heights, Buena Vista Park, Mount Olympus, Tank Hill, both peaks of Twin Peaks, and Kite Hill.

The group started from the Metro station at the corner of Castro and Market.  The weather was overcast and cool.  The low cloud cover made the panorama from each hilltop less spectacular than would a clear, sunny day, but nonetheless invigorating.  We hit heavy fog in Buena Vista Park, started to shake it while descending Twin Peaks and ended up in full sun on Kite Hill, where we surveyed each of the peaks we had just covered.

It was a tremendous walk, a wonderful day, and Tom Graham was a fantastic walk leader.

San Francisco Hill Walk Writeup and Photos

San Francisco Hill Walk Google Map

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