Trails Tramp

To be held on Saturday, December 9, 2006.
Led by Charlie Bowen.

("Trails": Selby Trail, Muir Path, Poppy Path, Keeler Path, trail up from Shasta Rd to Glendale-LaLoma Park.)

--Start at GLENDALE-LALOMA PARK upper parking lot.

--Walk up Glendale and then go up all 3 Glendale Paths.  

--Continue straight on Arcade Ave.   Turn right at Grizzly Peak Blvd.

--Go up the driveway of 1311 Grizzly Peak and then up Atlas Path.   Continue straight on Atlas Place.

--Walk down the small slope and go left onto Selby Trail.

--Cross the intersection diagonally and continue on Selby Trail.   Note that you are walking through many flowering native plants--somebody planted them long ago and they are lovely through the spring and summer.   At the bottom of the path, turn left on Wildcat Canyon Road.   Walk carefully--the downhill side of the road is somewhat better for pedestrians than the uphill side, but you share the space with bikes and cars.

--Watch for a set of wood steps beside a white fire hydrant.   This is the bottom of Fred Herbert Path (unsigned).   Go up 1 flight and turn right on the first street (Hillview Rd).    Bear right onto Woodside Rd, then continue straight onto The Crescent.  

--Between 28 & 40 The Crescent, take the unsigned path to Crescent Park.   Walk straight ahead, then turn left at the fence to exit the park by a different unsigned path.   Turn left at the end of the path.

--Turn right on Woodside Rd, then turn right on the unsigned path between 1088 & 1100 Woodside.   Head left across the grass and watch for the stairway up to Muir Way.   Turn right and walk up Overlook Drive.   Turn left at Latham Lane.

--Walk straight ahead onto Latham Walk (unsigned).   Cross Grizzly Peak Blvd--with care!--and continue down Latham Lane.   Turn right onto Miller Ave.

--Between 1036 & 1042 Miller, turn left onto Poppy Path (under construction in late 2006).   At the bottom, turn left.

--Continue on Keeler Path.   Turn left at the end and walk up Sterling Ave.

--Go down Bret Harte Path.   Turn left at bottom onto Keeler Ave.

--Go down Upper Covert Path.   Turn right at bottom onto Cragmont Ave.

--Go down Martinez Path.   Turn left at bottom onto Keith Ave.

--Walk on Keith (watch for the waterfall) and turn right down Shasta Rd.

--South of 2664 Shasta Rd watch for the railroad-tie retaining wall.   Climb up the wall and walk up the old quarry road and follow the somewhat-improved but still very rough deer-trails switchbacking up the hill to the picnic table and softball field in Glendale-LaLoma Park.   Restrooms and drinking fountain available.